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WINMONEYTM is a pioneer package on windows platform for jewellery business. This package is much more than accounting.It provides Reports / Business controls which are not possible in manual method. With a single entry posting is done in all modules and reports.


WinMoney series programs for different types of jewellery businesses

WinMoney(WL) :For Wholesalers - Stock, Party account, Cash/bank, Karigar, Sales/ Purchase, sarafi accounts

WinMoney(RL) :For Retailers - Stock with labeling, Order Booking, Party account, Cash/bank, Karigar, Sales/ Purchase, sarafi accounts

WinMoney(ML) :For Moneylenders - Moneylending/ Udhar Party account, Cash/bank, sarafi accounts, money borrow, interest calculation

As on today WinMoney have many satisfied customers who have benefited by Program and leaving their manual accounting method/Other small programs,switched to WinMoney.

WinMoney provides total solution to your business accounting problems and Answers all your questions about putting your business on computer.

Price List of WINMONEYTM

WinMoney Features Customers Benefits
Secure encrypted data Most secure package.
Complete interest calculation module in-built As on day effect of interest on Profit & Loss is reported by system
Bill/ Chitti wise payment/ receipts Accounting system in tune with Jewellery business with Bill(chitti)wise outstanding.
Easy to use Windows graphical interface Even person with limited English knowledge can operate the package
Very easy operation No specialized accounting knowledge required for operating the package
Transaction locking feature with multiple supervisor passwords Once cash & stock is Tallied, only when multiple supervisor passwords are entered, it will be possible to alter/ add into transactions