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WINMONEY(WHL)TM package is designed (in Windows Platform) for Complete management of Jewellery Wholesale trading operations.

Instead of operating separate package for stock, cash/ bank, karigar,sale/ purchase, sarafi for each module and then reconciling the data of different modules, WinMoney offers user a single package, which covers all the module with single entry.

In short, package provides complete view of business from owners point of view and upto date profit and loss statement. WinMoney comes with Training, implementation and consulting support for helping the customer in successful implementation and deriving maximum benefit of computer package.

Wholesale Program features Customer Benefits
Complete integrated package for Stock, Karigar, Accounting package Single entry updates all modules. No headache of reconciling entries of separate modules
Full proof stock package, linked with Sale, Purchase & karigar Easy stock verification in case of any mismatch & total control over stock movement
Complete interest calculation module in-built As on day effect of interest on Profit & Loss is reported by system
Stock valuation based on transaction to transaction average Much more accurate than manual method of gross stock multiplied by average purity
Karigar due date Report Details of metal which has to be received from karigar
Party wise Profit & loss Which Party is giving profit, with interest calculation and gold rate