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1. How to take Backup of my data ?

Close all forms, Follow menu path System -> Backup, Select the backup drive and folder and then click on backup, it will show the file (MoneyDDMMYY i.e. Money151002.MDB for date 15/10/02) which is being copied to backup folder, click ok, message will come that backup complete, click ok.

2. How to Restore data from specific drive, folder?

Close all forms, Follow menu path System -> Restore, Select the drive and folder where backup is stored and then select backup file (MoneyDDMMYY i.e. Money151002.mdb for date 15/10/02) and then click on restore, it will show the file which is restoring to program, click ok, message will come that restore over, click ok. If your backup is of old version then program will close and come out to Windows. Restart program.

3. I Don�t want my data on hard disk ?

If you want your data to work from safe path(zip drive, pen drive, cd writer) not from hard disk, special setting is available. Follow menu path System, set system parameters, In safe path "Name of drive:/name of folder". eg: if name of drive is G and folder name is money then type g:\money (Containing money.mdb in the folder) then press ok, system will show dialog safe path set successful. Do not set safe path to root directory of drive.

4. I Don�t want to show all my business reports to other Users?

Multi user setting with different rights is available. There is already one user (named 'ANY' password 'ANYMONEY') created in program, which has only dataentry rights and reports are not available to this particular user. You can change the password and use this user for giving minimal access to system.

5. Want to add new Category ?

To add a new category in stock, click on Master, category list, Add, Item Detail:
  • category:-name of item
  • Stock method:-(if item are maintain weight wise � W, piece wise �P),
  • Material type :-(G-gold, s-silver, D-diamond, O-others).
  • Adj:- should be blank(for fine- P ,for scrap-S)
  • stk type:-
    (DO-Diamond ornaments
    GL- gold loss/gain
    GO-Gold ornaments in Pcs
    GS-Gold ornaments in Scrap/Fine
    GW-Gold Ornaments in Weight
    OO- Other Ornaments in Pcs
    SL-Silver Loss/Gain
    SO-Silver Ornaments in Pcs
    SS-Silver Scrap/Fine
    SW-Silver Ornaments in Weight.) if change afterward doesn't give any error.
  • All Other fields are optional
    (Melting percentage:- can be fixed(if fixed comes in transaction)
    stock percentage:- can be fixed(if fixed comes in stock ledger)
    wastage percentage:-can be fixed(if stock percentage not enter and wastage has been fixed,then melting enter in transaction + wastage default gets in stock ledger.)
  • Category short form- In which order it should appear in stock ledger,
  • stock value- whether to add in stock yes/no,
  • lab Rt unit- (1 gm(default),1000 kg(for silver),116.650(for vataav)
  • Labour rate- in weight or no of piece(default weight-W).
  • 6. Want to create a new Bank account ?

    Users have option to enter multiple banks with cash balance in each bank account. click on master, click on cash/bank option, Insert and type the bank name and its code and save it.

    7. I want to create a new Company in same folder ?

    Once company parameters are set, do not disturb it, To create a new company, click on system , company, add, two digit company code, and name of company ,all other details are option, there are many setting in common mode of company, click on feature, which are required and save it.

    8. I want day to day summary balance of each Party, Karigar, Uchina ,Metal in short , so that I can take a single page to my office?

    Click on Reports, Business summary (Detail),option for complete or short, click short ,ok and then screen.

    9. I want balance report of each Party, Karigar, Uchina ,Metal ?

    Click on Reports, Balance reports, (option for area wise, slab wise, from date � to date, due date wise, summary) and balance which is required (sales, purchase, misc debtors, misc creditors, UdharLending, udharborrow).

    10. I want to know my cash/bank balance status?

    Click on Reports, cash/bank book, enter from date � to date, double click on cash/bank option, select bank name, ok and screen.

    11. After completing all the transaction and copying to safe path ,I want data to be deleted from hard disk?

    To delete complete data from hard disk press, F11, message box proceed yes/no, click yes data will be deleted.

    12. How to lock the Transaction,if I am going out of station and want to continue data entry,without disturbing old entry?

    Click on balance ,enter the Cashbook balance figure,enter the password,click on "Accept the password", click on lock transaction and save it.

    13. Unable to open any reports (Printer error)?

    While installing the program a default printer driver must be installed, If not installed, closed winmoney program, then click on start, setting, printer, add printer and install any windows printer for better look of reports, and restart the program Depending on your printer different page setting is available, either 66 or 72.

    14. Print reports in DOS?

    To print in text format for faster print on Dot Matrix Printer. Click on DOS instead of screen. System will show report in preview screen and after you are satisfied with report contents click on printer icon. Depending on your stationary different page setting is available (66 for A4-cut sheet, 72 for continuous stationary) .

    15. DOS reports not coming on preview screen with temp file error?

    Create an empty temp folder in Money folder where the program start from and restart the progam.(i.e if the progam is in c:/money then create a folder in c:/money).

    16. DOS reports not coming on preview screen with txtview.ocx error or out of memory error?

    Look for a file (via start -> find file) txtview.ocx on hard disk and find the directory where it is lying. Register this control by giving following command in Start -> Run
    Regsvr32 /s \txtview.ocx
    System will display txtview.ocx register succeeded

    17. Reports not found.

    Reports folder not there,download from web:

    18. While printing reports 30205 Database not found?

    You have installed another program on your hard disk after WinMoney installation. Look for a file (via start -> find file) DAO360.dll on hard disk and find the directory where it is lying. UnRegister this control by giving following command in Start -> Run
    Regsvr32 /u \DAO360.DLL
    System will display DAO360.DLL unregister succeeded
    Delete this file

    19. While starting the program I get Database not found?

    A dialog box will appear on screen,put the correct path in dialog box(e.g:if database is in c:/windows/desktop/money.mdb)enter the same path,program will start.

    20. How to delete old backups.

    Right Click on start->Explore,select the drive/folder where database(backup) is store,select all older backup file and delete it.(e.g:each file content name moneyDD/MM/YY money151002) you can keep recently taken backup.

    21. Backup failure.

    Look for a file (via start -> find file) scrrun.dll on hard disk and find the directory where it is lying. UnRegister this control by giving following command in Start -> Run
    Regsvr32 /u \scrrun.dll
    System will display scrrun.dll unregister succeeded
    Delete this file.

    22. Package getting expired?

    Follow WinMoney registration procedure as given in download page. After registration change default users (SSE and ANY) default passwords to passwords of your choice.