IQTek - Software product & solutions company

At IQTEK SOFTWARE, we understand the customer perspective. We try answering the customer point to point, rather than throwing IT & management jargon. We here with detail our solution to customer goals.

1. I want to web enable & extend the business reach

Goal: I want to scale my business, without spending much on extra manpower, infrastructure by just web enabling your IT system for extending your reach by bringing in your branch offices, customers, suppliers on same platform.

Solution: We can help you by developing web application, which puts your inhouse system/ ERP data on web with minimal of disturbance.

2. I want to evaluate my spending on IT activities

Goal: At this time of cost cutting, I want to get idea of budgeted cost v/s value before taking decision of budget cutting.

Solution: We can evaluate your IT activities & spending, within a period of 3 days for
  1. Infrastructure spends one time
  2. Recurring infrastructure spends
  3. Manpower spending
  4. Delivery against the money spending

Our proposal will help you in taking firm decision on cost cutting with our backing interms of budget for outsourcing & business continuity guaranty.

3. I want my client server application available 24x7

Goal: I want my application up 24x7 without 1. Spending money on network 2. Without recurring telecom cost of network in terms of lease lines

Solution: We can help by way of hosting the application in data center, within 3 days, which is accessible to your person on the field or branches via broadband.

4. I want to expand my service offering to customer

Goal: When you want to go that extra mile for your clients and offer them a comprehensive solution but lack expertise or resources.

Solution: We can help by developing additional modules to expand your business offer with additional value added services for your customers.

5. I want to get new application built with my business domain knowledge

Goal: I have a design process/ technical process, which I would like this intellectual property standardized & embedded in company's operational systems to last for company's future benefit.

Solution: We can help by building up a system that will add value to company forever.

6. I want to transform a Legacy System

Goal: Our people have taken great pains by putting their knowledge into a system, which has stood test of times. Rather than throwing away such system because of obsolete platform (written in FoxPro/ Power Builder/ Developer), I want to carry forward the same knowledge, adding contemporary practices & building a system that will last for another 5 to 10 years.

Solution: We can build a new system by understanding your old system by understanding the code(irrespective of platform) and redeveloping the same system on new platform with extra features.

7. I want my software development project to be rescued

Goal: Our software project has been going on since last one or two years with no tangible results as envisaged in requirement study. Every time there is a delay, there is an excuse of requirement change. I may be throwing more good money to save good money already spent on project.

Solution: We can help such waste of money, time & resources by undertaking project rescue activities involve investigation, lysis and recovery plan development.

8. I want to outsource Software Development

Goal: In present economic conditions corporations search for ways to decrease expenses on software development and at the same time keep its high quality.

Solution: We can help by developing the software at our office or sending in development team at your office, added with total responsibility for completion of project.

9. I want a Software Solution to my business problem

Goal: I want a full cycle software development service from business analysis to the solution design and implementation within a specific time frame & business benefits as outlined by me.

Solution: With our experience of diverse platforms, we can deliver a solution by
  1. Solution architecture with best possible technology platforms
  2. Design with scalability & future enhancements in mind
  3. Iterative development in phases for reduced risk & high quality delivery
  4. Implementation
  5. We guaranty our code quality by maintains the software at 10 to 15% of development cost

10. I want to outsource IT activities

Goal: I want to outsource IT activities
  1. I have a very high employee turnover
  2. I am not in a position to judge technical capability of my staff
  3. Not having any benchmark to judge the performance

Solution: We can help company in saving money by way of outsourcing & having a more reliable company backup irrespective of employee turnover.

We can help you by
  1. Cutting down on sparingly used high cost server & network maintenance manpower by hosting your application in data center
  2. Outsourcing high cost staff & replacing them with real productive technical persons

11. I want to outsource to new vendors

Goal: I am looking out for new outsourcing vendors because
  1. I am spending time in daily meeting with matters related to IT
  2. Last one year no new system has been put in place, inspite of spending on Programmers, DBAs, Project Managers
  3. All my IT bottlenecks have been converted in to IT projects with big infrastructure spends
  4. We have vendors who manage things rather than solve the problems
I want to solve my problems & move ahead, rather that stay at same place by wasting time in meetings & managing the managers.

Solution: This is outcome of infrastructure, hardware, finance companies getting outsourcing contract. They come with account/ projects managers, who have only one goal to sell unnecessary hardware, packaged solutions or placing people on monthly contract basis.

We can help you, move ahead by
  1. Evaluation of your IT spends
  2. Putting persons knowledgeable enough to deliver solutions
  3. Iron clad guaranty of 100% business continuity, with next day changeover, if we are given total responsibility