IQTek - Software product & solutions company

IQTEK SOFTWARE with IT experience of 14 years is in a position to understand the client requirement in detail & work on all types of development environments knowledge. With our experience we can deliver end product of superior quality within agreed time frame.

IQTek is your ultimate destination for the outstanding desktop and web-based business applications. We do custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development.

Over the years we have managed to build a software development components, standard programming methods & quality testing processes that leads to express & high quality outcome. Apart from the full-scale custom software projects from concept to commissioning, we offer :-
  1. Project rescue services: Where we can rescue projects from continuous delays due to bad design, extension problems due to poor quality work, unsuitable manpower. We offer a flawless service where your working system/ data will not get disturbed & we will replace the old system module by module.

  2. Application redesign & reengineering : We can harness business logic from old systems & port the same onto new platforms with added technology advances.

Custom Software Development

We have people with wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies. We design :-
  1. Client server application for heavy duty data entry, complicated user interface & faster user operations
  2. Web applications for large distributed user groups
  3. Mobile, PDA Solutions
  4. Engineering applications
  5. SMS gateway with application integration
We offer superior gains to customer in all stages of custom developments.

  1. Extensive experience in multiple business domains
  2. Quickly grasp of customer operations, saving in customer time
  1. Agile development leads to better product design, module partitioning
  2. Handling projects having more than 500 forms & thousands of use cases.
  3. Iterative development process which cuts down the failure risk & provides timely warning in case of project delay
  4. We select operating platform based on software requirement which is very different from competitors where they will always implement solution on one known platform irrespectively of suitability
  5. Code review for cutting down on potential bugs & problematic code
  6. Complete & mature development environment with code versioning systems
  1. Complete strategy plus implementation offer
  2. Ability to incorporate feedback immediately & deployment of the same without breaking live system

Know more about Customer advantage

Development platforms

Our knowledge of multiple systems and applications from leading vendor's means we are better able to deliver the precise business solutions for you that are built with the most advanced technology and won�t become obsolete overnight.

  1. Microsoft platforms
  2. Java platforms
  3. Database development
  4. AutoCAD/ AutoLISP/ VBA
  5. Other platforms/ ERP integration services

IQTek Full IT service provider

We provide full range of important services like Consulting, Application development, implementation, performance improvement.

Apart from the key software services, for customer comfort we offer

  1. Database administration services
  2. Complementary IT technical services like server & network installation/ configuration.