IQTek - Software product & solutions company

IQTEK SOFTWARE, apart from the key software services, for customer comfort we even provide technical services like server & network installation/ configuration.

IQTek software is a company delivering solutions on all types of server platforms. We provide technical services to create superior setups :-

  1. Which run every day without any human operator interventions.
  2. With proper documentation for reinstallation/ reconfiguration, this helps your operators in maintaining the setup without any problem.
  3. With proper backup/ recovery options along with setup.

Technical Services offered

  1. Server installation : Windows, Linux
  2. Web Server installation/ configuration : IIS, Apache
  3. Network setups like NAT, VPN, Firewall, Terminal servers
  4. Database installation/ configuration: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
  5. J2EE installations: Tomcat/ JBoss/ WebSphere

Advantage IQTek

  1. People who are much more technically sound than person who are only aware of hardware & server.
  2. Person has already created setups, which are in operation
  3. The entire requisite configuration for software is done by default. This eliminates the finger pointing between technical & software persons.
  4. Proper setup with documentation is provided, because we do not have any interest in keeping our person on customer's roll.
  5. Person providing has aptitude of creating thing which last, rather than a hardware person with half an hour attention span.