IQTek - Software product & solutions company

IQTEK IT solution Features

  1. Cost effective considering cost of time, money & opportunity.
  2. Good quality, reducing cost of maintenance & can even be maintained by in-house staff.
  3. End user satisfaction, in terms of user interface & simplicity of operations.
  4. 100% Guaranteed implementation once the work is started.
  5. Fits into overall organization's computerization plan.
  6. Within agreed time frame & budget.

Stage Wise Customer Advantage

Stage Advantage
System study Engineering manpower which can grasp client's systems, procedures & operations quickly
Offering a good job assessment in terms of time, cost & system coverage, providing system feasibility check & getting client geared for required effort in implementation.
Experience of varied software/ networking platforms for selecting the right platform/ development methodology
Experience of designing large ERP type of systems, helps in quickly putting together specifications
System Development Good & simple basic design, which will function without problems & maintain linkage with legacy applications
Work plan detailing exact effort & time required for software development/ data compilation/ training.
Quick execution of job based on our standardized program modules, execution methods & less number of skilled engineers on job
Software quality maintained again due to our reliance on software engineering models
System Implementation Down to earth professional approach for getting true user feedback
Answering queries/ implementing user suggestions during the implementation on the spot for gaining user confidence
Saving in top management's time by keeping most of the discussions at user level.
Support & Maintenance Almost 70% of the problems solved through e-mail or remote login.
Training to in-house person for maintaining the system