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WinMoney Training Program (User Guide)

WinMoney training program is designed for using the package effectively even for a person without any prior computer knowledge.

WinMoney comes with free site visits for:-

  1. Training :- for making user familiar with Winmoney commands/ screens.
  2. Consulting :- all the knowledge required for setting up system for maintaining books, stocks etc
  3. Support :- Solving difficulties faced by user during package operation.

WinMoney support

WinMoney comes with free support period of 1 year. During which we provide support & consulting for,
  1. Data backup/ restore problems.
  2. Your doubts about the package.
  3. Site visits in extreme cases.


We provide unique package upgradation facility via web site/ during support visits for keeping your package upto date with latest reports and version.

Outstation support

WinMoney has number of installations in Gujarat & Maharashtra. We provide outstation support, with the help of,
  1. Local partners
  2. E-mail
  3. Net meeting
  4. Site visits in exceptional cases

Email support desk

Winmoney email support is available to users for any problem in operating the package. We reply to your email within 24 hours with solution.