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WINMONEY(WL)TM package is designed (in Windows Platform) for Complete management of Jewellery Wholesale trading operations.


Daily Transaction: Print of daily transaction with cash/stock opening and closing and total receipt weight and issue weight in a very compact and concise format.
Party ledger: Detail of all the transaction done with party/customer with final balance(Lena/Dena) in a very compact and concise format.
Purchase/sales Register: Party wise or date wise (from/ to) sale/ purchase details
Stock Ledger: complete stock detail obtain as and when required.
Stock Statement: purchase date / weight wise/with opening and closing weight.
Cash/Bank book: Detail of cash/bank transfer(from date/to date)
Bill wise outstandings : Area wise/ slab wise/ payment due date wise/ between given doc date wise/ Bill/ Party wise balance details
Profit & loss: As on date balance sheet with interest calculation and gold rate valuation
Average Purchase/ Sale: Daily/monthly/yearly purchase/sale rate
Party Wise Profit / Loss: Detailing sales margin outstanding interest and effect of gold rate flucuation
Account Wise: Expense/Income detail obtain(from date/to date)
Bill Printing: Sale,Purchase.karigarissue/receipt vochers
Loan And Business Account: Sarafi account with interest calculation
Karigar Metal Due Report: Detais of metal which has to be received from karigar


  1. Sales bill preparation with printing.
  2. Bill(Chiti) wise Money/Weight receipt from customers
  3. Rate cutting from value to weight & weight to value.
  4. Multiple Bill(Chiti) allowed for clearing the balance amount/weight.
  5. Sale return added in stock.


  1. Issuing metal to karigar for Making/ Refining/ Melting operation.
  2. Receiving ornaments made with stock & labour charges/wastage accounting for the karigar.
  3. On Account Settlement can be done as and when required.
  4. In karigar ledger Amount/Weight whether to Issue or receipt is shown.
  5. Printing of karigar issue/receipt vouchers.
  6. Karigar Metal Due report


  1. Purchase Primary/ scrap/ ornaments from the market/party.
  2. Bill(Chiti) wise Money/Weight issue to party against credit purchase based on due date.
  3. Rate cutting from value to weight & weight to value.
  4. Multiple Bill(Chiti) allowed for clearing the balance amount/weight.
  5. Purchase Bill Printing.


  1. Stock statement as on any day in given category of items /Weight for small items/purchase date wise.
  2. Stock with karigar or purchase.
  3. Stock Ledger.

Cash Transaction

  1. Daily cash book with cash tallying facility with transactions entered in other modules.