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WINMONEY(RL)TM package is designed (in Windows Platform) for Complete management of Jewellery Retail trading operations.


Daily Transaction: Print of daily transaction with cash opening and closing in a very compact and concise format.
Party ledger: Detail of all the transaction done with party/customer with final balance in a very compact and concise format.
Purchase/sales Register: Party wise or date wise (from/ to) sale/ purchase details
Stock Ledger: Complete stock detail obtain as and when required.
Stock Statement: Purchase date / weight wise/label wise.
Cash/Bank book: Detail of cash/bank transfer(from date/to date)
Bill wise outstanding : Area wise/ slab wise/ payment due date wise/ between given doc date wise/ Bill/ Party wise balance details
Profit & loss: As on date balance sheet with interest calculation and gold rate valuation
Account Wise: Expense/Income detail obtain(from date/to date)
Bill Printing: Sale, Purchase, karigar issue / receipt vouchers
Loan And Business Account: Sarafi account with interest calculation


  1. Order booking with advance payments /Old Gold
  2. Sales bill preparation with reference of Order & transferring advance against order as payment against sale bill
  3. Money receipt from customers against order/ credit sale
  4. Rate cutting from value to weight & weight to value


  1. Pending customers order tracking ,conversion of customer orders in to Job Work orders
  2. Issuing metal to karigar for Making/ Refining/ Melting operation
  3. Receiving ornaments made with stock & labor charges accounting for the Karigar


  1. Purchase Primary/ scrap/ ornaments from the market/party
  2. Payment against purchase bills/chitti based on due date
  3. Rate cutting from value to weight & weight to value


  1. Stock statement as on any day in given category of items /Weight for small items/Purchase date wise
  2. No of pieces for high value items with identification tags (Tag: - Each item is assigned tag when it comes in to Showroom via Purchase or Karigar.
  3. Labeling from safe to counter
  4. Relabeling of items if sale weight is less then weight mention on label


  1. Daily cash book with cash tallying facility with transactions entered in other modules
  2. Entry of expenses and income