IQTek - Software product & solutions company

IQTEK SOFTWARE has the domain knowledge of engineering as well as engineering product manufacturing business right from customer specification, product design, development, shop floor production stages, outside process control, packing to final despatch.

Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERP is one of the most complicated implementation of ERP, where most of the standard ERPs fail to properly implement the design, engineering & productions processes. Our custom built ERP helps, customer in having total control over customer order execution along with product costing, shop floor movement control, work in progress, work center wise loads, just in time ordering purchasing action. We have built systems for companies having products made to order as well as made to stock & sell.

ERP Modules

  1. Bill of Material
  2. Sales order & Despatch system
  3. Production planning system
  4. Material Requirement Planning
  5. Purchase orders
  6. Inventory & Receipts
  7. Production system
  8. Outside process control
  9. Excise system
  10. Bill passing
  11. Stock take entry & valuation
  12. Petty cash