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Bill of Material

Bill of material cum works order package has been developed with following objectives :-

  1. Work order & BOM to be merged i.e. Assy instructions appearing for specific work center can be part of BOM.
  2. BOM preparation process on computer is similar to engineer's thought process while generating BOM.
  3. Cost folder
  4. Drawing master list

Following are the main features :-

1. BOM preparation

  1. BOM entry -: User can create or update BOM & while making changes to any assy system lists out all the other assemblies which going to get affected.
  2. BOM Copy -: Copies BOM/ assy instructions/ winding/ name plate details from one assy to another.

While copying system displays work center wise items. User can select any item for removing or substituting with another item. System automatically assigns the BOM tree from the item to the top level assy a new number specific to the current motor. During this process assembly no/ WIP codes are generated automatically. Also user can simultaneously change assy instructions for new assemblies.

2. Works order entry

  1. Assy instruction
  2. Specifications, winding, name plate details
  3. Revision history

3. BOM cum works order one page printout

  1. Tabular listing of the sub-assembly and the raw material
  2. For the specified assembly.
  3. Assembly instructions if available then printed in a box
  4. Non standard items highlighted
  5. Test data & specification at footer
  6. Winding & name plate details on a separate A4 sheet

4. Cost folder

Perfect cost folder having following features :-
  1. Not a single additional entry required from user, works on BOM & stock valuation rates
  2. Major & minor costs are listed separately
  3. Provision for loading & OPC rates
  4. Excise value on cost folder
  5. Costing at current as well as budget rates (Year opening FIFO rates) with variance

5. Master list of drawings

  1. Maintenance of drawing master list, which is linked with drawing no field of item master.
  2. Printing of drawing category wise master list.
  3. In case of revision in drawing the same is applied in item master rev no column.