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Excise system

This system covers all the activities of excise department & generates all the documentation required by excise dept. Following are the salient features :-

  1. Only very few entries are required by the user
    1. TR6 challans
    2. 57F12 challans
    3. RG23C entries
    4. AR4 reversal
  2. System automatically picks up data from
    1. CCI quantity for RG1 & value for model
    2. BML debits & credits
    3. Store order generation Automatic
  3. Provision to keep more than one year data (no monthly clearing) totally on-line, to answer any query related to excise quickly.
  4. Locking of BML, Sales & 57F12 challans in case balance is not sufficient & also the excise debits are on-line.
  5. Provision to rebuild current stock & balance in case of external corrections.


  1. RG23A Part I & II
  2. RG23C Part I & II
  3. PLA
  4. Bond
  5. RG1 Register


  1. Modvat labels
  2. CCIs pending for availing Part I credit
  3. CCIs pending for availing Part II credit
  4. Pending 57F3 challans for taking credit


  1. Excise code wise quantity stock with opening, debits & credits transactions & summary
  2. Register balances with opening, debits & credits transactions & summary
  3. Excise code wise credit availed