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Outside Process control

System has been designed to provide OPC stock for any supplier (winding or others like shaft, endshields, shell blanks).

  1. Physical stock verification at supplier's place to be done quarterly & fed into stock takes system.
  2. OPA (Outside processing advice) preparation, With given ratings converts to item wise requirements of
    1. WIP item codes (e.g. Unwound stators)
    2. Raw materials (e.g. Copper, Cables, insulation etc.)
  3. BML (labors challan) preparation by D&R from OPA.
  4. Rejection entry (Winding RA note) for sending the material back to supplier for rework.
  5. BMR preparation by D&R based on OPA rejection.
  6. CCI preparation for labors job
    1. WIP items
    2. Scrap material
    3. Material returned by supplier

  7. While preparation of CCI based on bill of material, RM stock with the supplier is automatically reduced.

  8. OPC Stock based on opening + issues (BML/BMR) - consumption (CCIs)
  9. Reports
    1. Supplier ledger
    2. Stock status reports for RM/ WIP
      1. Period beginning
      2. Issues
      3. Receipts
      4. Current stock/ excess
    3. Variance report on Raw material consumption with respect to BOM
    4. For winding suppliers
      1. One page stock statement
      2. Daily transaction summary
  10. Queries
    1. Query on Kfno / Item code Items stocks lying with different suppliers
    2. Query on Supplier code All the items/ ratings lying with given supplier
For the above query, user can check the accuracy of stock figure by viewing daily issues & receipts on screen.