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Jewellery Catalog & Order Management application is designed to extend the reach of manufacturers to dealers & retailers located at remote & distant locations.

History / Present scenario

Currently orders are received from customer either by showing the stock at manufacturer's office or by carrying the entire stock to retailers location.

Xerox Order handling is done by retailers sending fax/ or in person explanation to manufacturer. Retailer�s office as well as manufacturer maintain order track manually.

Order execution is completely manual and customer is totally out of order execution loop, till item is delivered to customer.

Business process problems

  1. Phone calls between retailers & manufacture with communication overheads & related problems.
  2. Printing of catalog on paper is very costly & expensive process, which again becomes obsolete due to rapidly changing designs
  3. Carrying the stock to remote locations entails risk, which does not match with orders received from retailers.
  4. Process is non scalable because of limitation of stock movement.

IQTek Solution

IQTek has ready to use B2B web application which with easy operation, coupled with support & training during implementation. This application
  1. Maintains catalog of designs
  2. Search & browse the catalog
  3. Catalog orders as well as entry of xerox orders
  4. Order handling & execution
  5. Creation of manufacturer, wholesalers, dealers, branch offices, customers & granting access rights to them
Apart from the above, solution is backed by us having more than 700 jewellery customers all over India.

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Jewellery catalog & order system can be customized for following types of businesses

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Retailer
  3. Wholesaler

Technical & operational features

  1. Web browser based catalog & order handling application, which is simple to operate.
  2. Hosting web application with sufficient space for storing big image files.
  3. Making it available on a continuous basis for 24x7 operations

plus features as compared to other solutions

  1. Having catalog on web site:
    1. Very difficult to update because site designer normally come on project basis & it is very difficult to have any long term every day relationship
    2. We at least 10 to 12 item attributes for searching the items, where as web site designers normally have separated pages for each collection
    3. Web site normally have order coming only as email to you without order management features.

  2. Having standalone application on laptop
    1. Person will have to carry laptop all the time
    2. Non scalable in terms of no of laptops where all the designs can be current
    3. Software application on laptop may break due to technical problems


  1. Making manufacturer design catalog available online to all stores.
  2. Location transparency, person sitting in Office can get catalog order or xerox order from customers.
  3. .
  4. Complete work flow of order execution related to manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, retailers, workshops spread across geographically.
  5. Time saving in by maintaining off line contact where in all can work in their convenient time.
  6. System transparency, everything is on system with correct date & time
  7. Making business scalable to handle volume of orders.

Objectives achieved

  1. Reduction in order fulfillment cycle.
  2. Order execution human interaction reduced for smooth execution of the order.
  3. Service aspect of business improved for brand building.
  4. Latest position of order delivery made transparent to players involved in order execution cycle.