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Jewellery Catalog & Order Management application is backed by our brand WinMoney having more than 700 customers all over India, can help you in reaching new customers.

WinMoney customer base comprises of retailers/ wholesalers/ manufacturers spread across all over India having

  1. Computers/ Laptop at work place and home
  2. Mature computer & internet users
  3. Most of them are independent decision makers
  4. Most of them are new type of businessman who can try new things
All these customers except few manufacturers can be potential customer for your jewellery products.

How WinMoney can promote your brand

  1. We can include your brand name/ catalog site in our WinMoney Product scroller having 700 customers looking at every day. Number of customers are going to increase over a period of time.
  2. We can also promote, popup or 5-6 lines HTML in dynamic display during WinMoney operation in background
  3. We are in every day touch with the customers & our reference/ association carries weight in your prospective customer's mind
  4. We plan to come up with business portal, where our customers can get first preference in terms of featured products, prioritized searches etc

How Catalong & order management can help in

promoting your products & your brand

  1. Building brand in your prospects mind
  2. Putting brand one level above your competition & getting out of wastage competition
  3. Giving you first mover advantage
  4. Saving in terms of catalog printing costs
  5. Dynamic catalog which can be changed as & when your designs are added
  6. Search options for your customers
  7. Ability to mark & filter on in Stock designs
  8. Catering to remote customers on internet
  9. Dealer handling made easier by capturing complete order execution cycle
  10. It can provide comfort level to your dealers & customers

Other advantage

  1. No setup cost, software is being offered in ASP model where you start using software right from day one
  2. Ready for IIJS where you can show case your designs on internet with broadband + to your customers
  3. IIJS customers who may be coming from remote may be more interested in this type of solution, where in they can easily place an order irrespective of the distance.