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Jewellery Order Management / fulfillment application is designed to bring Jewellery manufacturers closer to wholesalers and extend their reach to bigger retailers directly.

History / Present scenario

Currently order handling is done over the phone or customer coming in person to the manufacturer�s office for ordering. Both the customer as well as manufacturer maintain order track manually.

This entails phone calls between customer and manufacturer with communication overheads and related problems. It becomes difficult to publish catalogue periodically for new designs, by the manufacturer. For new business initiatives by manufacturer, it becomes tiresome to target existing customers because of communication overheads.


IQTek has ready to use B2B web application that is easy to operate, coupled with support and training during implementation. This application
  1. Maintains catalogue of designs
  2. Allows for entry of customer orders
  3. Order handling and execution
  4. Creation of customers and granting access rights to customers


  1. Location transparency a person sitting in Mumbai can cater to wholesalers/ retailers all over the World.
  2. Time saving in terms of, off line contact with customer, wherein both can work in their convenient time.
  3. System transparency, everything is on system with correct date and time
  4. Making business scalable to capture more customers.
  5. Making design catalogue available online.

IQTek Solution

  1. Web application, which is simple to operate.
  2. Hosting web application with sufficient space for storing big image files.
  3. Making it available on a continuous basis for 24x7 operations

Objectives achieved

  1. Customer order fulfillment cycle time reduced.
  2. Order execution, human interaction reduced for smooth execution of the order.
  3. Service aspect of business improved for brand building.
  4. Latest position of order delivery made transparent to customer.