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IQTek SOFTWARE has Capability to design/develop and implementation of ERP size projects having More than 500 forms. Which is easy to use and more reliable. IQTek Software Ltd. already Implemented ERP in various Industries and is operation in since Last Two Years.

ERP Advantages

  1. Centralized Database, Maintenance & Deployment & with lower operating cost
  2. Improve customer service & hence enhance customer satisfaction levels
  3. Flexibility of operating from anywhere
  4. Greater business efficiency
    1. Consolidate data centrally
    2. Get 360 view of the business
  5. Scale up your business with total control & reduced manpower
    1. Work with multiple branch & office location
    2. Bring customers in-line with your internal system
    3. Direct access to customer without overhead of your sales team & their purchase team
  6. Fewer Administration Errors
    1. Quicker, Cheaper & Accurate transaction.
    2. Reduce delay.

IQTek custom built ERP

With all the ERP advantages, still companies are not able to realize full potential advantage of IT, because most of the standard ERPs are accounting, sales & despatch system driven. Their entire focus is on getting these system running, they will leave most crucial customer interface & production processes.

In most of the ERP implementation customers have found that
  1. Some of the complicated processes on which their business advantage lies ERP do not cover properly.
  2. In the age of eBusiness web interface is not proper
  3. ERP system is a beast, which cannot be molded to their requirements.
  4. Implementers are only consultants with big talk with trader mentality of selling products of their principals.
  5. Implementers cannot change the system, at the most they can add few operational reports in ERP.
This has lead to a process, where each department/ person maintains their individual excel sheets, defeating the very purpose of IT spending.

Custom built ERP helps in building agile manufacturing & customer interface

IQTek can help in customers realize the full benefit of IT spending with full fledged customized ERP development & implementation in the same time frame of 12 to 18 months (Time required for any standard ERP implementation to come to live).

At IQTek, we have delivered ERP size projects, where customers have realized the full potential of ERP implementation.

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