IQTek - Software product & solutions company

IQTek SOFTWARE has capability to build full-fledged ERP system within a time frame of 12 to 18 months. This commitment has been made possible by our understanding of business modules, matured software engineering leading to quick & reliable results.

IQTek can deliver a project having 500 forms, can deliver within a period of 12 to 18 months from design to implementation.

  1. Most skilled with least head count
  2. We believe in team work & hence adopt agile development methodology with iteration leads to better outcome
  3. Varied domain knowledge
  4. More number of platforms knowledge leads to better solution architecture
  5. More focus on delivery, rather than customer management leads to better quality long lasting output.
  6. Stress on quality with review, where in most of the error prone code is knocked out before it comes to testing
  7. Designed with maintenance angle in mind
  8. Better design with experience, where designer, solution architect can foresee the problem & correct at the design stage, rather than unexpected problems during user testing.
With all these advantages, we are in a position to give a fixed cost commitment to the customer.

Why we can deliver faster & better as compared to other IT service/ export companies

Domain knowledge Whose main client base is finance, banking, call centers, Logistic or BPO, Consumer product companies
Less skilled manpower Deputing manpower at customer's premises without responsibility of any job
No culture of ownership of job They will always quote per month per person price
Software culture All top bosses are Finance persons, managers or marketing persons and no skilled software person who can deliver a product, will ever stay for long with such company
No culture of coding They only implement ERP developed by global software product companies.
Single platform Most of the new shops have experience of either .NET front end or java web technologies, which is of no use when building commercial application which is always data base centric
Multiple domain experience
Software quality We take ownership of the code - where as they code for others to maintain
Traditional Manager approach Sequential development with perfect design then perfect development & then perfect testing leads to higher project failure ratio and overruns even in case of slight change in specifications.
Single platform knowledge Either .NET or java platform with little or no understanding of database