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Diamond Manufacturing Package (DiaIQTM ) offers a complete range of modular software for controlling, tracking and monitoring, every key aspect of Diamond manufacturing.

In DiaIQ there are limitless activities that can be managed starting from the import of roughs to dispatching of the final product: the polished diamond.

A single lot of rough diamonds may contain stones, which on completion would result in different purities, sizes. DiaIQ makes provisions for creating sub-lots from any lot. Each sub-lot is then treated as a lot. All controls for the management of a lot of diamonds such as approximate costing, processing, tracking and administration are automatically applied.

DiaIQ can generate reports, alerts in-line with DTC�s expectations of control during diamond manufacturing.

DiaIQ is designed to facilitate integration with Sarin, weighing machines, different types of barcode readers/printers thus eliminating human errors and capturing accurate information at the point of generation.

DiaIQ Features Customer Benefit
Designed to handle volume DiaIQ has been specially designed keeping in mind the various complexities of diamond manufacturing and is suitable for diamond factories (irrespective of size, cuts and scale of operations). It is capable of handling at least 100 users/ 20,000 packets at a time without compromising on performance.
Backed by proven software company DiaIQ is a product owned by a 12 year old professional software company capable of supporting software products all over India. Highly trained team of professionals with knowledge of diamond industry will help you in successfully implementing the software solution faster and in a timely manner.Your investment in product will have assurance of long-term support, future upgradability in face of fast changing technologies and IT manpower turnover.
Most advanced & reliable package DiaIQ is developed on most popular .NET platform, where you can easily get manpower to customize, extend the product. DiaIQ database can be configured for stand by database, which can offer utmost security against any data loss.
Movement tracking Each packet is assigned a unique bar code, which allows any packet to be tracked simply by scanning the packet under a barcode reader
Most Integrated Package DiaIQ provides complete integration between planner sitting at HO, Factory office & within the Factory, by way of ability to track the single packet id, irrespective of any number of split, mix within the factory.
Sarin Interface Information of each packet that has been planned using Sarin is instantly updated into DiaIQ�s database.
Automatic Packet Locking Packets that are being processed are constantly monitored to meet the expected Sarin plan. If the diamond weight drops below the expected weight, the packet is automatically locked and can only be unlocked by authorized persons like supervisors or managers.
Controlling packet movement User Defined Process Path Rules based on type of cut (Round, Princess) Flow of packets within the factory can be defined in the system and the system will ensure that a particular packet goes through the expected flow in the factory
Automatic Labor Calculation DiaIQ can automatically calculate labor amount to be paid to workers and subcontractors for specific jobs performed. DiaIQ does this by maintaining sophisticated wage rate matrix.
Value Analysis DiaIQ has very powerful set of reports that allow the management to analyze actual Vs Planned value of diamond
Powerful Reporting Productivity monitoring: Benchmarks can be set to monitor productivity of each worker or machine thus assuring optimum output from the resources. DiaIQ has a very comprehensive set of reports, which allow the supervisors and managers to stay abreast of the factory activities at the click of mouse.
User Defined attributes DiaIQ has been designed to be extremely flexible, with various parameters and user-defined data, which can be set at the Client�s location. This allows DiaIQ to adapt to specific customer�s needs with very little effort and time.
Hot (Auto) Deployment System can be upgraded or patches can be released from a centralized server either locally or through Internet without the need to stop the production activities. Users simply have to login into the system and the software automatically updates itself.
User Friendly Graphical Interface DiaIQ�s user interface has been carefully designed to be extremely user friendly by actually getting feedback from users in the diamond industry


  1. Entry of Jangad
  2. Lot and sub-lot creation
  3. Packet Entry cum Issue for Processing
  4. Issue/Receipt to Sub-Contractors while diamond is in process in factory
  5. Issue/Receipt to External Manufacturers for processing
  6. Issue/Receipt for other external processes like Sawing, Laser Sawing, Cleaving,Windowing,Marking
  7. Stock transfer between units, counters
  8. Issue/Receipt to Worker for polishing
  9. Splitting and Mixing of Lots which are undergoing process in factory
  10. Mixing of Polished Diamonds into Lots
  11. Creation of Delivery Challan from Polished Lots


  1. Stock reports detailing counter, section, Lot, worker, Subcontractor, Party stock
  2. Work in Progress with Lot Distribution � Sectionwise, Counterwise
  3. Rough return reports
  4. Production reports � Daily, monthly detailing issue/receipt from worker - workerwise,datewise
  5. Job Card detailing actual Vs Planned properties of stone.
  6. Expected Vs Planned reports for pointer, weight, value of diamond
  7. Value Analysis reports � Workerwise, Lotwise, Datewise
  8. Productivity reports � Workerwise, Machinewise, Counterwise
  9. Cycle Time � Lotwise, Packetwise
  10. Capacity Utilization � Workerwise, Sectionwise, Machinewise
  11. Invoice � Party Invoice, Pre-paid labor invoice, Invoice for sub-contractors
  12. Worker Wage reports
  13. External process reports
  14. Lot status report
Sample Entry Screen - snapshots
Sample Reports - snapshots