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Diamond Manufacturing Package (DiaIQTM ) offers reports that are concise & has features like point in time stock that is invaluable stock tally.

DiaIQ offers more than 100 reports for operations & MIS. A report helps in providing precise information for controlling manufacturing operations & taking timely actions. DiaIQ has MIS reports like plan v/s actual for detailed analysis after lot finalization.

List of important Reports

  1. Stock reports detailing counter, section, Lot, worker, Subcontractor, Party stock
  2. >
  3. Work in Progress with Lot Distribution � Sectionwise, Counterwise
  4. Rough return reports
  5. Production reports � Daily, monthly detailing issue/receipt from worker - workerwise,datewise
  6. Job Card detailing actual Vs Planned properties of stone.
  7. Expected V/s Planned reports for pointer, weight, value of diamond
  8. Value Analysis reports � Workerwise, Lotwise, Datewise
  9. Productivity reports � Workerwise, Machinewise, Counterwise
  10. Cycle Time � Lotwise, Packetwise
  11. Capacity Utilization � Workerwise, Sectionwise, Machinewise
  12. Invoice � Party Invoice, Pre-paid labor invoice, Invoice for sub-contractors
  13. Worker Wage reports
  14. External process reports
  15. Lot status report

Lot Distribution report

Lot Pending in factory

Pending with sub-contractor

Total at counter

Expected v/s actual