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Complete switchboard solution at Jyoti is a showcase to our capability of understanding customer's complex needs as well as programming capability to implement the same in terms of database & design environment integration, graphic handling routines on AutoCAD platform.

Wire implementation at Jyoti Limited, Baroda

Wire has been helping Jyoti in executing HT Switchboard orders successfully. The package has been totally customized & the customer has created symbol library (Indian standard format which is very different from International standard symbol library comes along with Wire).
This has helped them in maintaining continuity with their customers & shop floor, in terms of documentation formats.

We have developed & implemented all the modules required for Switchboard HT engineering. All the above modules help in generating 100% production & submission quality drawings with only database input.

Modules implemented
  1. Master database preparation
  2. Front view
  3. Single Line Diagrams
  4. Door layout
  5. Foundation drawing
  6. Reference/ Equipment listing
  7. Door cutout drawing
  8. Scheme drawing
  9. Wiring drawing
  10. Instrument / LT chamber base plate layout

Master database

The data entered through this module become a common link between all the other modules of WIRE. User can build master database for each order/ sale note, containing details like :-

  1. Customer/ order details
  2. Board wise feeder QTYS
  3. Feeder technical details
  4. Feeder wise equipment listing detailing
    1. Equipment designation, part no
    2. Location door/ base plate etc
  5. Panel details like name plates, panel type etc

All the modules are linked to this database providing customer following advantages
  1. Multiple entry of the same details in diff packages can be avoided
  2. Reference list with standard description as given in database
  3. Consolidated bill of material order wise
  4. Output for post processing in which items are codified and hence can be straightway fed into purchase or planning system.
  5. For equipment selection user can browse the database with specifications like operating voltage, current, contact configuration etc.
  6. Maintains the sanctity of equipment designation, i.e. one designation corresponds to one unique equipment in a board.
Front view

This document is automatically generated without any user input based on following logics

  1. Panel type
  2. Rear extensions
  3. Board height
  4. Side cover/ cable box etc
  5. Name plates/ hooter/ bell
Single Line Diagram

Generation of this document is fully automatic without any manual intervention/ patch up and contains following information :-

  1. Bus bar rating
  2. Panel details like breaker/ CT ratings
  3. Ammeter/ voltmeter rating
Door layout

User can copy the same layout for different feeders, this ensures that all panels in the board will have same equipment at same place.

  1. According to panel type door is placed
  2. List of equipments is displayed on screen in graphical format
  3. User places the symbol on door. Package ensures the following logics are enforced :-
    1. Minimum gap between inserts and collision check
    2. ouling during door closing
    3. User puts only those equipments which are specified in equipment list
  4. Same layout drawing is used for further processing in door cut out package
  5. Also user can arrange/ align/ center the equipment on panel with additional commands provided in the package

Foundation drawing

Foundation drawing is generated automatically and needs manual modification only in case of civil structural beam clashing with cable entry pit. Following are the logics incorporated in programs :-

  1. Ground Floor/ First floor
  2. No of power cables and type of cable entry window
  3. Rear extensions
  4. Control and power cable entry positions
Reference / Equipment listing

This can be generated in number of formats like :-

  1. Equipment wise description, qty and panels where it is mounted
  2. Designation wise
  3. Consolidated for Feeder, board or order

Door cutout drawing

Once the equipment layout is made in WIRE, this module generates to the scale drawing of door in open profile and various equipment cutouts and ensures cent percent tallying of recess cutout with door layout drawing.

Also inspection drawing can be generated giving cutout number, dimension, location xy, standard tool names if any.

Scheme drawing

The scheme package has been designed to produce speedy drawings because the place where designers spend maximum time. It operates in the way the designers thought process, giving user very good speed and accuracy compared to other packages in market.

A. Package operations
  1. The following errors are completely eliminated
    1. Using wrong contact nos
    2. Using same contact twice
    3. Giving incorrect cross reference
  2. Equipment configuration change can be done at any time e.g. using 4NO+2NC in place of 2NO+2NC. User can redefine or delete contacts during this operation. Relevant changes are carried out automatically in all sheets of drawing.
  3. Automatic picking up of information from scheme drawing for Clamp terminal diagram or wiring
  4. Maintains the order/ drawing/ sheet directory for the user
  5. Std circuits containing contacts, terminals can be inserted into drawing as a group, very useful in case of configuration like breaker where instead of contacts, full circuits like closing, tripping etc can be inserted in drawing.
  6. Terminal number is Automatic and hence does not allow duplicate terminal nos.
  7. Cross referencing between main equipments and contacts

B. Symbol library maintenance
  1. While preparing symbols WIRE does not impose any limitation on text or graphics inside the symbol
  2. User can quickly create accurate drawings and leaves him free to concentrate on his job rather than AutoCAD.
  3. User can add drawing symbols as well as cross ref equipments with any contact coil configuration in library.
  4. Symbol addition made easy by providing database interface.

C. Master database interface
  1. While preparing the scheme user can only use equipments with configuration as specified in master database.
  2. Any difference, pending or additional equipments will be highlighted during scheme preparation.
  3. Supports additions/ deletions/ changes in equipment list
  4. User can control the mapping between user equipment, catalogue number & drawing block.

Wiring drawing

Wiring drawing is generated by post processing scheme drawing without any extra input from user. There are various logics incorporated in the program like :-

  1. Connection within a loop based on door layout position
  2. External interlocks to be shown based on control cable entry position.
  3. Wire size and color for different types of circuits in scheme drawing.

The same connection information can be presented to user in diff formats as required :-
  1. Ferrule/ wire no wise
  2. Terminal strip wise
  3. Equipment wise
WIRE Implementation support

Wire design and development is totally an indigenous effort. We as an organization believe in our software development skills rather than selling packages made by others.

Symbol additions

Wire comes with a ready library of menus containing symbols for power, contacts, contactors, relays etc and in case you require additional symbols we can assist you in building up your symbol library.

Adding new features for your specific requirements

We can incorporate new features in the package for your specific way of working or specific requirement of yours.

AutoCAD/ WIRE Training to your designers

We can train your designers in using AutoCAD package effectively in electrical drawing environment, leading to increase in their productivity.

Wire provides following modules
  1. Master database preparation
  2. Front view
  3. SLD
  4. Door layout
  5. Foundation drawing
  6. Reference/ Equipment listing
  7. Door cutout drawing
  8. Scheme drawing
  9. Wiring drawing
  10. Instrument/ LT chamber base plate layout