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Wire package has been developed for automating design and engineering operations for build up a tailor made product like switchboard (LT and HT). Wire product demonstrates our technical capability & ability to understand engineering & creating a world-class product

WIRE is written in AutoLISP and operates within AutoCAD (Rel 12 Onwards), there is no need for switching over to other application for importing or exporting the data during the operation of the package.

Master maintenance, symbol library update and equipment list programs have been developed in database language offering ODBC connectivity for further processing for purchase and manufacturing.

Basic idea behind wire

  1. User should enter data only once in a text based format for easy entry and validation
  2. All the documents must be if possible generated
  3. If not possible to generate then at least they must refer to common database, so as to avoid mismatch between documents
  4. Speed and flexibility of operations

WIRE advantages

  1. Very easy preparation of symbols to cut down implementation time and effort drastically.
  2. No overhead of electrical CAD features
    1. Giving 20 to 30 inputs to create one symbol
    2. Slow operations due to big conceptual designs and number of unnecessary dialogues due to that
    3. Massive disk space as well as background database server requirement.
  3. Software and implementation support directly from the developer
  4. Tailor made output formats according to your organization standards
  5. Take advantage of operations on AutoCAD platform, till date most efficient and versatile graphics engine in world.
  6. Very easy to use, having access to almost all AutoCAD, leading to drawing preparation time which is two or three times less than any other stand alone package like PROMIS or manual method.

Wiring drawing

Wiring drawing is generated by post processing scheme drawing without any extra input from user. There are various logics incorporated in the program like :-
  1. Connection within a loop based on door layout position
  2. External interlocks to be shown based on control cable entry position.
  3. Wire size and color for different types of circuits in scheme drawing.

The same connection information can be presented to user in diff formats as required :-
  1. Ferrule/ wire no wise
  2. Terminal strip wise
  3. Equipment wise
Additional Implementation Services
WIRE Implementation support Wire design and development is totally an indigenous effort. We as an organization believe in our software development skills rather than selling packages made by others.
Symbol additions Wire comes with a ready library of menus containing symbols for power, contacts, contactors, relays etc and in case you require additional symbols we can assist you in building up your symbol library.
Adding new features for your specific requirements We can incorporate new features in the package for your specific way of working or specific requirement of yours.
AutoCAD/ WIRE Training to your designers We can train your designers in using AutoCAD package effectively in electrical drawing environment, leading to increase in their productivity.