IQTek - Software product & solutions company

IQTek Advantage

  1. Company owned and managed by software professionals and to customer it means lower turnover of manpower (customer saves time by not explaining again and again) and long-term service to client.

  2. We know the business systems and have already done one custom built ERP type of development/ implementation comprising of sales, MRP, Materials, Finance, Purchase

  3. Technical competence with successful working software models, Which means that we have already done R and D and developer on job has to only extend the working models to customer needs, leading to fast development and implementation of bug-free software

  4. We deliver fast, when normal complete ERP implementation time is 1 � years. Within this duration can deliver a complete tailor made solution, comprising all the business logic/ processes of client

  5. We are in a position to design, development, deploy and implement project on our own strength. The job can be as diverse as Design Automation solution, Client Server, Web development). We do not depend on others (out side consultants/ sub contractors/ tie-ups) for executing the job

  6. We can understand the client�s business fast, because of our experience with variety of clients and engineering manpower, which can grasp design, production and engineering processes quickly. To customer it means less time demand on him for IT implementation

  7. Focus on implementation rather than talking about technical jargon, platforms and putting impressive headcount (Ten programmers from tomorrow) on client�s job

  8. Successful track record of implementation, almost all the clients have been continuing the business since their placing of first order

  9. Quick execution with minimum team size, because of multi-skilled engineers plus ready software engineering models. E.g. At NRB Bearings Ltd, we have done much better quality job at less cost with 1/5th of man months compared to earlier vendor M/s Mastek Ltd

  10. We take total responsibility of project from specification to implementation rather than providing only coding services like most of the companies operating in Export market

  11. Complete range of services, for single point solution delivery & responsibility
Applications Service/ Platforms
ERP applications Oracle / PL/SQL/ Java/ Visual Basic/ .NET (2 Tier, 3 Tier, SOA architecture
Web Solutions JSP, J2EE, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Tomcat, JBoss
Mobile/ PDA Solutions HTML, WAP, J2ME
Database support SQL server/ Oracle/ Sybase DBA, on-site, remote support & performance turning CAD/CAE AutoCAD/ AutoLISP