IQTek - Software product & solutions company

IQTEK SOFTWARE with knowledge of databases can help you in consolidating data from different sources & generating relevant MIS from the data that can be used for business analysis purposes.

Business Intelligence

With increasing amount of data in enterprise system, enterprises will have to move further into making increasing use of this data by analyzing & projecting the data for business intelligence.

IQTek can help by way of creating online analytical processing (OLAP) cube [performance indicators (measures) into context (dimensions)]. These cubes can be retrieved significantly faster & business users can browse the data using a variety of tools, making ad hoc analysis an interactive and analytical process rather than a development effort.

Services offered

  1. Loading of OLTP data (Source SQL Server, Oracle) into dataware house via batch automated process
  2. Creating star schema
  3. Creating Cubes with dimensions & facts, based on client analysis
  4. Giving access to cubes to consumers - End users/ Analysts/ Applications