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Retail IQ - New Age retail Solution

Retail IQ is new age retail solution by IQTek consolidating our jewellery retail knowledge gained from 500 customers all over India, over a period of 8 years. Business knowledge combined with our technical knowledge of .NET, SQL, web based technologies, the result of which is a solution much superior to existing foxpro or VB based products.

We offer internet based solutions for multi location retail outlets with complete centralized control over stores.

Our solution caters to

  1. Single store speciality retailers or stores with branch wise network
  2. Gold silver plain items
  3. Studded, diamond jewellery stores
  4. Retail or wholesale formats
  5. One gram, imitation jewellery

Retail solution modules

  1. Counter Management
  2. Order processing & Management module
  3. Stock & Inventory management
  4. Labeling & Inventory management
  5. Customer Relationship management
  6. Saving Schemes module
  7. Catalog module
  8. Multi Store/ Branch Management module
  9. Accounting module
  10. System security & user management module

IQTek solution advantage

  1. Salient features of our retail solution
  2. IQTek advantage
  3. Implementation/ data conversion
  4. Customization

IQTek Retail solution pricelist

  1. Retail Soultion pricing